Iframe area

The iframe area allows you to embed an external page into an article.

The iframe is a powerful feature that allows you to embed interactive features like forms and even games seamless in a magazine.

Working with iframes

In the iframe settings you can set the URL, width, height, and define the scrolling behaviour yourself.

Beware: embedding pages on websites that are not under your control can lead to unexpected results. A "heavy" page may slow down the browser, or even crash it. This is particularly a problem on older computers and tablets.

Iframes on mobile devices

Some mobile devices cannot display iframes, or the iframe's content might not be responsive. In that case, you can chose to display a fallback link text to the page instead. You can define your own text in the field labelled "link text".

Responsive/non-responsive iframes

By default we zoom the contents of iframes. That means that iframes always display the same size, regardless of the screen size of your user. This way iframes with non-responsive content always look good.

When you know that you're embedding content that is responsive, you can disable this behavior by unchecking 'Zoom contents'.

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