Keyboard shortcuts

Within the live editor, we've defined some keyboard shortcuts to speed up your editing. We've tried to stay out of your browsers' way, so shortcuts like to open a new tab or close a window still work.

General editor keyboard shortcuts

[Control] + [X] Cut current area
[Control] + [C] Copy current area
[Control] + [V] Paste area into currently selected area
[Control] + [Space] Preview current article
[Control] + [S] Save current article
[Control] + [M] Save the current page as Master Page
[Control] + [Shift] + [M] Save the current area as Master Area
[Control] + [,] Open edition settings
[Control] + [.] Open publication status
[Control] + [;] Toggle guidelines on/off
[Control] + [Shift] + [L] Toggle all guides, outlines and halos visible/invisible
[Control] + [E] Exit editor, return to Studio
[Control] + [↑] Select parent of currently selected area
[Control] + [↓] Select last selected child of current select area

On Windows computers you can use the [Windows] key, on Apple computers with Mac OS X you can use  [Command] key instead of [Control] for any of these shortcuts.

Numeric input field keyboard shortcuts

When the focus is on a numeric input field you can use the following keyboard shortcuts to increase and decrease the value.

[Alt] + [↑] Increase value by 0.1
[Alt] + [↓] Decrease value by 0.1
[↑] Increase value by 1
[↓] Decrease value by 1
[Shift] + [↑] Increase value by 10
[Shift] + [↓] Decrease value by 10
[Shift] + [⇞] (Page up) Increase value by 100
[Shift] + [⇟] (Page down) Decrease value by 100

Adding areas with keyboard shortcuts

It is possible to add areas with just the keyboard, with the following shortcuts. For these shortcuts to work you need to have a section selected, the areas are added as children to the selected area.

You need to hold the [Shift] key, then press [+] (plus) followed by the letter of the area.

[Shift] + [+] & [T] Add Text area.*
[Shift] + [+] & [H] Add Header area.
[Shift] + [+] & [I] Add Image area.
[Shift] + [+] & [V] Add Video area.
[Shift] + [+] & [S] Add Section.
[Shift] + [+] & [F] Add Facebook area.
[Shift] + [+] & [I] Add Image area.
[Shift] + [+] & [M] Add iFrame area.
[Shift] + [+] & [G] Add instagram area.
[Shift] + [+] & [C] Add SoundCloud area.
[Shift] + [+] & [W] Add Twitter area.
[Shift] + [+] & [N] Add Vine area.

* After adding a text area the text field will receive focus, you will need to manually select the parent section again before adding more areas using the keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard combinations with mouse actions

Hold the [Shift] button while dragging an area to restrict its movement on the vertical or horizontal axis.

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