H5mag is an online software program that allows you to create and publish online magazines and other publications. It is developed to assist creatives and communication professionals in creating online publications with visual impact, high traffic and high conversion rates.

H5mag enables both experienced UX designers and graphic designers who still work with print to create responsive, interactive online magazines. The visual editor allows creative professionals to create magazines exactly as they envision them. Communication professionals are able to create magazines that match their brand down to a T.

Here you can find everything you need to know to create stunning publications using H5mag. If your question is not answered here, or you have spotted an error, please contact us.

What is H5mag? 

H5mag is a tool that allows you to create online magazines and presentation in a responsive digital format. It offers complete  design freedom without requiring coding skills.

Why use H5mag?

H5mag works with a ‘blank canvas’ approach. Users are able to select pre-made templates, but they can also create their own templates or work without any templates at all. Various features, such as the color picker and the ability to upload your own fonts ensure that your H5mag perfectly matches your design vision. 

You can use H5mag to create:

  • company brochures
  • an interactive alternative to newsletters and periodical magazines
  • event magazines
  • a content marketing platform
  • product catalogues with e-commerce integration
  • dynamic annual reports 

Your creativity is the limit! We’ve also had clients use H5mag to create a digital children’s book or sustainability reports.

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