Creating an Online Magazine: A Six-Step Guide

Creating online magazines may require a slightly different workflow that other types of publications: 

  • As a publisher, it means a different way to think about reaching your target audience: online communications is more about pull than push!
  • As an editor/copywriter it means a different way to write: tight, focused, and often targeted to search keywords.
  • And as a (graphic) designer it means quite a different way to design: you can’t make assumptions on fixed screen sizes and your design will be experienced in many more different contexts. Also, scrolls, popups, animations and links can bring your publication to life in a very different way than a print publication. 

But don’t be daunted. Our platform helps you with many of these challenges and you can tackle them on the way: you don’t have to solve everything for your first edition. 

We have defined a 6-step guide that is applicable to the development of most periodical publications. Of course no publication is alike, so don’t consider these steps as laid down in stone. It can nevertheless be useful as guidance along the way. Depending on the agreement you made with us, we can help you with each of these steps.

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