And then… getting it out there!

Hurray, your publication is done! The publish button has been pressed and it is available for the world to see. Now it is time for your publication to get spread out properly. Some practical pointers:

  • Send out an email to your mailing list, announcing that your publication is ready. Be sure to add a good call to action (‘read it now!’) and for instance use a big image of your publication’s cover. Collect your mailing list opt-ins on your closing or index page.
  • Use the power of social media! Of course proudly announce the release, but use the period after the release to daily share an article from your publication. For example: Do you have a magazine with recipes? Great: every day send out a recipe tweet around 1600 to get a bunch of traffic to one of the posted recipes and the rest of your magazine.
  • Have some great product collections? Use Pinterest to pin a bunch of images to your Pinboard — and don’t forget to link back from your pins to the article! The built-in social-share buttons do this automatically.
  • Use your website: highlight the publication in your news section and also refer to selected articles from other relevant pages on your site.
  • Corporate publication? Add a link to your publication in your email footers.
  • Create a ‘release kit’ with the link to your edition, some images from your issue’s content and a captivating introduction. Distribute that to related media, such as blogs and websites so they can easily create a short post about your new issue.
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