Statistics & analytics

H5mag features extensive support for gathering reader statistics using Google Analytics and Piwik.

What is tracked?

H5mag sends a signal to the analytics service when:

  • A reader opens the publication (a visit)
  • A reader navigates to a new page (a pageview)
  • A reader opens a popup (hash change, tracked as a pageview)

Campaign codes

When you send out your publication via email or through social media, it can be handy to add a campaign code to the link to your publication (for example when sending out a mailing: utm_campaign=newsletter_q4_2014&utm_medium=email).

If you use the H5mag E-commerce module, you can also add a campaign code to your checkout URL. This makes it easy to track which items are being sent to the shopping cart of your webshop and you can improve your conversion reporting (example: utm_medium=h5mag&utm_source=h5mag&utm_campaign=EDITIONNAME).

Setting up your analytics tracking

Google Analytics

You can connect H5mag to any Google Analytics account. Add a new Property in Google Analytics for your magazine — if you haven't already done so. Then simply add your Google Analytics UA Code (e.g. UA-1234567-1) in the Google Analytics tracking ID field in your format settings and press Save.


H5mag also supports analytics from Piwik. Piwik is an Open Source alternative to Google Analytics, which you can host yourself. This means that you are not sharing any user data with 3rd parties, which can be beneficial.

To add Piwik to your H5mag, simply add your Piwik Site ID and Piwik Hostname in your format settings and press Save.

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