Building a H5mag App using React Native

With the react-native-h5mag framework, you can easily access H5mag public API. It is a flexible framework that developers can use in new and existing React Native projects. Using this framework, you can develop your own Android and/or iOS edition-reader app.

The framework comes with a handful of great functions like:

  • Getting a list of projects and/or editions.
  • Download an edition for offline reading.
  • Delete an downloaded edition.
  • Starting a local server for offline reading.

Go to our GitHub page for more information about the framework.

H5mag demo iOS & Android app

H5mag has a public repository on GitHub which demonstrates how the react-native-h5mag framework can be used to develop your own Android and/or iOS app. Check our demo out here

The demo app comes with screens like:

  • Home (list of projects)
  • Downloads (list of downloaded editions)
  • Favorites (list of favorited editions)

and features like:

  • Seeing a list of projects and editions
  • Downloadable editions
  • Reading editions
  • Reading downloaded editions without an internet connection.
  • Supports bigger screens like iPads/tablets

Screenshots of the demo app on a iOS device:

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