Navigation bar customization

The navigation bar appears on the bottom of your magazine, and allows your readers to quickly browse through it. By default it contains, a home, index, previous and next button and H5mag logo.

Enterprise users can have their navigation bar customized include other items and styling. When using e-commerce integration the shopping cart also appears in the navigation bar.

Light & dark theme

In "Format settings" you can choose between a light and dark theme that is apploed to all magazines. You can set a theme for each edition under "Edition settings".


If your plan allows it, the navigation var can be customized on request. You should submit a design for a customized navigation bar to your contact person at H5mag to check if it is feasible, and to get an estimate of how much time it wil take to implement.

The buttons can have an disabled, normal and active state. You can download a template file that contains all states for all the buttons. For the best file size and display quality on all devices this should be a vector based SVG image.

All the buttons are grouped together in a so called "sprite" which allows them to load much faster than individual images. You can use an existing sprite as a template.

The sprite should be 450 by 135 pixels in size, with 3 rows of 45 pixels each. Each row is used for a different state of the button:

  • Top row: default state
  • Second row: active/hover state
  • Third row: disabled state

Each button is 45 by 45 pixels in size, with the exception of the logo, which can be wider (up to 135 pixels).

Previous/next buttons in the middle

The previous/next buttons are intentionally placed on the right side. This allows readers to navigate with their thumbs when holding a tablet.

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