Sharepoint Integration Guide

With H5mag Enterprise, you can limit access to readers within a Sharepoint/Office 365 environment.

Steps to take

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Open the ‘Azure Active Directory’ tab
  3. Open the ‘App registrations’ tab
  4. Click ‘Endpoints’ in the top bar
  5. Copy the value of the ‘OAUTH 2.0 AUTHORIZATION ENDPOINT’ into the H5mag setting ‘Authority URL’
  6. Go back to the ‘App Registrations’
  7. Click ‘New application registration’ in the top bar
  8. Enter a name (e.g. ‘H5mag Access Control’)
  9. Select ‘Web app / API’ as Application Type
  10. Use ‘’ as sign-on URL
  11. Open the app settings
  12. Copy the Application ID into the H5mag setting ‘Client Application ID’
  13. Open the ‘Keys’ tab (click ‘All settings’ if needed)
  14. Create a new key using ‘H5mag Token’ as name and a valid expire duration
  15. Click ‘Save’ and copy the ‘Value’ of the newly added password into the H5mag setting ‘Client Secret’
  16. Save the Services page in H5mag

By default the reader will need to press a ‘Grant Permission’ button the first time they sign in. If you want your readers to skip this step (recommended for maximum readership), you can grant H5mag access to read the names of all users in the Azure Active Directory without confirmation, by selecting ‘Required Permissions’ and using the ‘Grant Permissions’ option in Azure.


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