Etsy shop integration is a service for small business that produce handmade items. You can connect your H5mag publication with an Esty shop to create a shopping magazine. Checkout and payments are handled by Etsy.

Configuring the shop

  1. Open the Edition Settings and click the "Shop" tab.
  2. Check the checkbox "Shop integration is enabled"
  3. Choose "Etsy" as shop type.
  4. Enter the Etsy shop's name as the Shop ID.
  5. Set the currency in which you want customer to pay.
  6. Click the button "Save shop settings"

Adding products

To add a product, first you have to create a section, which usually contains a "but button" which can be an image area or text area with the text like "Add to cart" or "Buy now".

Select the section (you can use the area tree for this) and click the "Action" halo button . Then choose "Buy button" as the action type. You can then browse through a list of all the available products and choose which one the button connects to.

Tip: you can display detailed product information in a popup window and place the buy button to the inside the popup window.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to  sell products from different shops in a magazine?

No, you can only connect one shop per edition.

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