Subscriber list

You can see an overview of all your subscribers in the subscriber list of your project. In this list you are able see the information your subscribers used when subscribing. If you entered additional fields in your settings you will also be able to view them here.

The fields that are shown are:

  1. Name
  2. E-mail
  3. Type
  4. Date subscribed
  5. Entry
  6. Blocked

The subscriber list looks like the following image:

Block subscriber

If you would like to not send any notifications to a certain e-mail you can always block them. Simply click the trashcan icon of a subscriber and click 'Save'.  You can also unblock a subscriber by performing the same action again.

Download excel

You also have the option to download your subscriber list in an Excel file. All available subscriber fields will be added to the Excel file. You can find the 'Download Excel' action next to the save button.

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