Sending notifications

When you have created and published a new edition you will be able to notify your subscribers of this new edition. This way your subscribers will stay up to date with your latest editions.

Choose edition

Before going any further you will have to choose the edition you wish to send notifications for. You can only send notifications for published edition.

Once you have selected an edition, you will see the cover of the edition. Next to the cover will be some information about the edition.


Here you are able to view how your notification will look with the settings you choose. You will be able to make any final changes to the layout of your notifications.


You can test the notification you are about to send to your subscribers. A push notification will appear on screen if you have allowed your browser to send it. And a e-mail notification will be send to your user e-mail.


Once you are satisfied with the looks of your notification you will be able to send this notification to all your subscribers. Make sure that you didn't forget anything before sending. This action is quite big and could have some consequences. 

If you are sure that you wish to send the notifcation to all your subscribers you can click 'Send' again.
After this we will take your notification request and will try to progress is. You can find your notification status back in the notification status page.

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