Email notifications

When a reader subscribers to your project he or she will have to enter their e-mail. This e-mail will be used when you decide to send e-mail notifications when a new edition of your project releases. The e-mail notification will notify the subscriber that there is a new edition ready to be read.

The e-mail notification will make sure your subscribers engage more with your project. This way your new editions will gain more readers.

Confirmation e-mail

Upon subscribing your subscriber will receive a confirmation e-mail. This e-mail has by default almost the same layout as the notification e-mail. The e-mail will thank your new subscriber for subscribing and will contain information about your latest published edition.

Layout default

The default layout of a notification e-mail contains the following items:

  1. Project logo
  2. Headline
  3. Message
  4. Edition image
  5. Edition button (links to edition)
  6. Footer

A notification e-mail can look like the following:

All the items in the e-mail can be changed to your needs. You can change these items in your subscriber settings or when sending a notification.

Custom Layout

If you don't like the default layout, you can always decide to make your own. We give you the option to upload your own custom HTML e-mail to use for sending notifications. You can upload your custom HTML e-mail in your subscriber settings or when sending a notification.

Keep in mind that e-mail clients are very unreliable and might break the layout of your e-mail, so follow email design best practices.

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