Adding subscribers

If you already have a list of e-mails that you want to send notifications to you will be able to add them to your subscriber list. You are only able to do this if you have consent of all the e-mail owners you want to add. By adding the e-mails to your list you declare that you have this permission.


You can add e-mails to your subscriber list by going to the 'Add Subscribers' page.
On this page you can follow the following steps to add subscribers:

  1. Enter all the e-mails you want to add to your subscriber list
  2. Click check
  3. If there are any unrecognizable email addresses they will be shown to you as leftovers
  4. Either remove or adjust and add the leftovers
  5. If there are only valid email addresses left in the list, you can continue and add them
  6. Before adding the addresses you need to declare that you have permission of the e-mail owners

The page looks like the following:

After you click 'Add' the e-mails you imported will be added in your subscriber list.

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