Table of Contents

Every H5mag publication has a standard Table of Contents, which shows every page in the publication. H5mag supports the option to use an article as a Table of Contents.


It's possible to edit the Table of Contents to your own liking by giving it different colors or fonts. You can change the theme of the Table of Contents in the project overview  by following Theme -> Viewer -> Table of Contents. The changes made to this theme are applied to every edition in the project.

The following options are available:

Additionally, you have the option to change the Theme of a Table of Contents for individual editions. To do this, go to 'Edition Settings' and select the 'Theme' tab. Choose 'Custom' to edit the Table of Contents for this edition only. For example:

Creating a custom Table of Contents

You can also create your own Table of Contents by making a new article and listing all the articles you want to include. After creating your custom Table of Contents, you can select 'Use as Table of Contents' below the area tree. 

Keep in mind that you will need to manually update your Table of Contents article if any changes are made to the edition.

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