To get the most out of H5mag it is important to understand the structure of a publication.

  • Project: The project is the root of your publication. It defines the master articles (templates), analytics but also the URL of your publications for all editions. The project basically describes your publications branding.
  • Edition: Every publication has at least one edition. You can give an edition a custom style. For example, make your x-mas edition red, green & gold!
  • ArticleAn edition consists of many articles. Basically the slides (or pages) you see when you swipe through the magazine on your tablet. Articles can be arranged using chapters, or shown just linearly. A master article is a quick way to start new articles. It is a copy of an article you’ve made before, which for example already has some basic content, animations or styling. Like a template! The article sidebar and area tree are tools to inspect and modify the the structure of your publication.
  • Artboard: Every article is made up out of several artboards which allow you to create a responsive magazine with optimized layouts for different screen sizes and orientations. Each artboard has the same content, but it can be styled in different ways to fit the target device the best.
  • Section: An article can have many sections, these are the 'slots' where you can place your content areas. Galleries and popups are special types of sections.
  • AreaAll content within an article consists of areas. Areas are the components of your publications such as text, an image, a video or even something more complex like a Twitter widget. 








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