Creating and editing links

Links are a way to direct a user to related information. These can be internal, so that the user stays in your magazine. Or external, where the user leaves your magazine to visit a webpage.

Creating links from sections or image areas

You can create links from sections or image areas by clicking on the "actions" button (). A balloon will appear, then choose "Internal link", "External link" or "E-mail" to make a clickable link.

Internal link action

Internal links will point the user to another article in your magazine. After choosing "Internal link". You will get a dropdown where you can select an article to link to.

External link action

External links can point to webpages, downloads or e-mail addressess outside your magazine. These will open in a new window so the reader will have an easy way to go back to your publication.

Don't forget the protocol. External links have to start with http:// or https:// in order to work.

Email address link action

Choose the E-mail action and enter a valid email address. You can also suggest a subject for the email. When a user clicks on the area, it will open the default email applications with a new message window/tab.

Links inside a text area

You can also set certain words in text areas as a link. For more information on how to do this you can read the article on Text Areas

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