Because H5mag is an online platform you have the possibility to add interactivity to your magazine. The following actions are available:

  • Popup window opens a popup floating over the current article.
  • Social media to share a link or follow a account on an online social network.
  • Internal link for linking to articles within the same magazine.
  • External link for linking to other magazines or web pages.
  • Download asset for linking to an downloadable asset (e.g. Word/PDF file).
  • Scroll to area for scrolling to a specific area in the same article.
  • Print / PDF for opening a specific area, article or the entire edition in a PDF.
  • E-mail to send an e-mail to a specific address.
  • Scriptable action for building advanced interactive features like galleries.
  • Buy button for buying products in a magazine with an integrated shop.
  • Subscribe for linking to the subscribe to project page.

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