How To Create a Form

This topic is about creating a form and adding it to an edition.


After going through this guide, you'll know

  • How to add different types of question
  • How to order questions
  • How to add the form to an edition​

Creating a Form

  1. Click on the "Feedback" button in the top menu
  2. Click on "Create a new form" button, which opens a pop-up
  3. Fill in the name of the form and choose a preferred template, the right side of the pop-up displays a quick preview of the different templates. After filling in a form name and choosing a template, click on continue.

After clicking on continue, you will be redirected to the form creation page, The right side contains a preview of the form. The left side contains all the (form) customization tools and of course all the (possible) answers.

A form must include at least one question, and at least one question should be mandatory.

How To Add Different Types of Questions

  1. To add a question click on the "+" button
  2. To change the question type click on the option field
  3. Select a question type.

    Read more about different question types.

Ordering Questions

After adding question you are able to change the order at any time. In the top of every question there are 6 dots, this is the drag handle. Click on the dots to change the order of a question.


Add a Form To an Edition

When you're done creating your form, you will be redirected to the form results page. This page is of course empty, because you've just made the form, which is still not used in any edition.

  1. Go to an edition
  2. Click on the "Add area" icon
    Click on Advanced ► Feedback
  3. You can choose a form using the input selector in the area. It's also possible to change the form using the area settings panel. Which can be accessed by clicking the blue gear button.

After choosing a form the feedback area should automatically display the selected form. Now you can save the article and preview your changes.

Customize Submit Button Text and Submit Message

You can modify the text displayed on the form's submit button by accessing the settings in two ways:

  1. Click on the 'Settings' button while creating the form.
  2. Click on the 'Settings' button from the form's results page.

This action will open the settings popup, where you can:

  • Change the submit button text, which is set to "Submit" by default.
  • Change the submit message that appears after a user submits their response, which is initially set to "Thank you."
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