E-commerce integration

With H5mag you can create shopping magazines which will turn your readers into paying customers.

H5mag has its own shopping basket/cart. When the customer is ready to check out they are directed to your shop's checkout page where they can pay for the order using the same payment process as your existing shop. H5mag supports various languages, currencies and even product variants (for example: different sizes and colors).

Shop adapters

H5mag has the following "adapters" that allow you to add shopping functionality to a magazine:

Simple email checkout

If you don't have an online shop yet, or don't need your customers to pay immediatly you can use the "simple email checkout". After choosing products an email will be sent to the shop owner (you) with a list of the products that the customer wants. You can then contact the customer and arrange payment and delivery.

Etsy shop

Etsy.com is a service for small business that produce handmade items. You can connect your H5mag publication with an Esty shop to create a shopping magazine. Checkout and payments are handled by Etsy.

H5mag shopping plugin for Magento

If your shop uses the open source e-commerce platform Magento, you can use our ready made plugin to connect your shop.  

Custom Enterprise Integration (API)

If your online store uses other software than mentioned here, it can be extended to implement the H5mag E-commerce API. We have assisted several of our customers in implementing the API who used Hybris and IBM Websphere as their E-commerce systems.

Virtuemart (Joomla)

An H5mag e-commerce plugin for Virtuemart has been developed, please contact us if you want to use it.

WooCommerce (Wordpress)

An H5mag e-commerce plugin for WooCommerce is currently being developed, please contact us if you want to use it.


You can find many examples of shopping magazines on our Showcases page. Some notable customers include Stockmann; a Finnish warehouse, Bik Bok; a women's fashion brand with online and retail stores in Scandinavia, and several interior design shopping magazines made by Sanoma Media.

Did you make shopping magazine? Let us know and we might include it in the showcases.

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