H5mag features an easy to use animation system.

How to add an animation

  1. Click the element you want to animate.
  2. Click the animation halo-button
  3. Select the animation type you want
  4. Optionally customize the duration, and delay
  5. You can also choose to animate the element at the same time with the previous element

List of animation types

Appearance effects

Name Direction Options Description
Move in From left
From right
From top
From bottom
Fade in
Moves the element in view from the top, bottom, left or right.
Fade in     Fades the element into view in place
Flip in   Vertical
Twists the element around the z-axis whilst fading the element in
Roll in     The element fades and rotates in place. Very nice with a sequence of elements from left to right.
Drop     Element drops from the top, with a big rubber bounce
Lightspeed From left
From right
Dispense From left
From right
Bounce The element slides in view from a hidden origin. Like how a receipt is dispensed from a thermal printer. Nice in combination with for instance a vertical line.

Attentive effects

Name Direction Options Description
Flashing     Blinks the element twice (note that the element does not get hidden before the animation)
Pulsation Three times
  Scales the element slightly before returning to its original position. It can also pulse three times (more attention) and pulse bigger/harder (enlarge more between pulses).
Swinging     Swings the element
Tada     Tada!
Wobbling     Wobble, wobble
Subtle From left
From right
Fade The element has a very subtle movement and scales slightly, similar to the Ken Burns effect. Good for large photography to give some depth to your publication.


Some of these animations were originally authored by third parties:

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