Every time you save an article it is saved as a new version. It is possible to restore an older version of the article. This is useful if you have made an inintended change, or overwritten someone else's changes by accident.

When to save?

H5mag does not (yet) auto save. To avoid losing work try to make it a habit to save often. When you press the save button, you only save the current article. Press the save button before switching articles.

If you forget to save an article and switch to another one you will see a yellow dashed border around the article thumbnail. It is recommended that you go back and save the article right away to avoid losting your changes.

Where is the undo function? (like Control + Z)

Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to make a reliable global undo functionality in a web based application.

Each input field has it's own undo functionality, provided by the browser/operating system. While editing in a text field you can undo and redo using your browser's functionality. (Usually by pressing Command/Control + Z).

The undo functionality does not work across input fields, and is unable to undo other actions. To avoid losing work, it is important that you press the "Save" button often, you can then undo your changes by reverting to an older version of teh article.

Restoring a previous version

After saving an article for the first time a version selector will above the save button. Every time you save, a new version will be added to the list.

To restore a previous version, simply select it from the list and click the "Revert" button.

The username of the person who saved is also shown, this is useful when working together with other people, when there is a risk of overwriting each others changes.

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