Styling presets

Preset styles allow you to define a style once, and quickly apply it on multiple elements. For example if you create a section and give it a background color, padding and border you can save all these settings as a single style.

Styles are shared withing a single edition, keep this in mind as changes will propagate on to other articles, artboards and popups where they are not directly visible.

Creating a style

First, create an area or section and apply some styling to it. Open the styling balloon by clicking the paintbrush icon.

Click the style actions button on the right, and choose "Save style..." and enter a descriptive name. When saving you can choose to save the position. This is useful if you want to position an element on the same position on multiple articles.


Applying a preset style

After you have created a preset you can apply it to another area or section. To apply a style open the styling balloon by clicking the paintbrush icon.

Click the dropdown meny and select the style you created earlier. The styling of the element will immediatly update to match the styles in the preset style.

Note: each area and section each have their own presets. You will not see area presets in a section's styling balloon and vice versa.

Overriding preset styles

After applying a preset you are still free change the styles. After changing a style a dotted underline will appear underneath the label to indicate that you have overridden a style.

The style selector will also show the text " (edited)" next to it, indicating that the styling no longer matches the preset.

The font size overrides the default preset this is indicated by the the dotted line and the text "(edited)"

Managing styles

Click the style actions button in the styling balloon to open a menu with the following actions:

Save style...

Updates an existing style. Any changes that you made to the styling will be added to the style and applied to all elements which have this style applied in all articles of the current edition.

Save style as...

Creates a new style, based on an existing one. You will have to enter a name for the style. After creating it, the style will be independent from the original one.

Rename style...

Changes the name of the current style, it will not affect the styling.

Delete style

Removes the preset entirely. Warning: all elements which had this style applied will lose the styling from the preset style. This can also include styling on other articles and artboards, which you will not see at the moment of deletion.

It is not possible to recover a deleted style by reverting back to an earlier version of the article, since preset styles are not stored in the article, but are part of the edition.

Always use this style for new areas

Any new areas/sections will have this style applied by default.

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